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What You Should Know About Vitamin C

Health is one of the most important aspects in life for longevity and prosperity of one’s well-being. There is so much to do whilst staying alive; winning awards, playing with friends, creating memories with your family, achieving your master’s degree and many more wonders to come. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be an obstacle for you, it is not an excuse for you to take your health lightly. Besides, it has already been established that your health is your top priority while staying at home, giving you more time to strengthen your immune system and not being vulnerable to any disease. Your body needs sufficient supplement to remain strong amidst the worldwide illness that anyone can get the risk of infection, including you. Take Vitamin C,the safest and most effective nutrient to note of. Its diversity of benefits for the body is amazing to the point that it is crucial to consume it in our daily diet. Mostly concentrated in fruits such as kiwis, blackcurrants, lemons, lychees and vegetables like broccoli, mustard spinach, parsleys, and kale – you can get these easily at fresh fruit and vegetables online Malaysia. 

Taking Vitamin C as one of your supplements is a big of a deal in the medicine field. There are many forms of Vitamin C you can consider taking, such as chemically or food like fruits and vegetables by purchasing through online grocery fresh fruits malaysia.

Here are the benefits of Vitamin C that you should know:

  1. Shorten Wound Healing

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Its constant exposure to dangers for the sake of protecting the organs says a lot about the essential intake of Vitamin C, because the particular vitamin can decrease the time for wounds to heal. It acts as an antioxidant and helps strengthen the skin barriers.

  1. Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

One of the health complications with the largest number of deaths caused worldwide is heart diseases, mainly heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure and insufficient or overly saturated amounts of cholesterols are among its factors. By consuming Vitamin C, these risk factors can be decreased and on top of that, reducing the chances of getting a heart attack. It is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen the natural defences of your body, thus preventing any risk of chronic disease.

  1. Provide Boost For The Immune System

Vitamin C is involved in the immune system and provides protection from any deficiencies. It encourages white blood cell productions (lymphocytes and phagocytes), and ensures its effectiveness to function well at shielding the body against infection. Vitamin C also protects the white blood cells from free radicals, a potentially harmful chemical which can deal damage to the cells.

An adequate dose for Vitamin C intake is 2000 mg a day for adults. Either you take the supplement through pills, or you can buy fruits like oranges through imported fruits online malaysia for that good amount of vitamin.

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