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What Is A Gutter?

A gutter bumbung, also called a gutter, is an element to collect the rainwater that falls on the roofs, thus preventing the water from sliding on the façade of the buildings. The gutters are normally placed suspended under the eaves of the roof, and through their slight inclination, they conduct the rainwater towards the drainpipes, normally placed in the corners of the systems.

Gutters can be made of different materials, usually metal or PVC, although there are also ceramic gutters. Gutters are always made of durable materials, resistant to changes in temperature, wind, and any weather conditions to which they may be exposed. For safety reasons and to avoid deterioration or detachment, the gutters must be fixed to the façade by means of a professional company with the appropriate equipment.

What is the function of gutters?

Although they can receive different uses, the main function of gutters is to collect and conduct rainwater, which can be drained or stored in specific tanks for such use. The possibility of collecting rainwater that falls on roofs can save important water and is highly recommended if you live in an area with little rainfall or water scarcity. Although this water is not potable for human consumption, it can be used for garden irrigation and other uses. As you surely know, clean water is a relatively scarce commodity, and the possibility of reusing rainwater is a great advantage of using available resources in a responsible and sustainable way.

Is it advisable to hire a company specialized in gutters?

The answer is obvious, having companies specialized in the installation of gutters gives you the guarantee of a system designed to measure for your home. In addition to a specialized company, it has professionals specially trained to install and maintain gutters, as well as the materials and tools necessary to carry out the job optimally and with a perfect finish.

It should also be taken into account that the installation and maintenance of the gutters is a job that is not without risk. By having a company specialized in gutters, you have the guarantee that the work will be carried out in full safety conditions for both pedestrians and the inhabitants of the house; in addition to the safety of the professionals who carry out the work, who will be properly equipped to carry out the work in conditions of minimal risk.

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