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The Best Time 500mbps Services As Per The Options

For all this, to check if the connection you have contracted generates all the speed it offers, it is advisable to carry out a speed test in which the download and upload speed of data and the latency expressed in ping will be shown.

Time 500mbps

Best Quality Connection

A connection will be of good quality if, in addition to having high download and upload speeds, it has optimal latency. But, what difference is there between these two concepts? Using Time 500mbps is important here.

The speed of the connection refers to the bandwidth, to the megabytes found in each internet connection. The higher the speed, the greater the data packages that you can receive and download.

The latency refers to the data traffic that carries the internet, that is, the time it takes our device to send a request to the server and the device returns a data packet. The longer the loading time of a web page, the higher the latency. This load time is measured by ping, which is expressed in milliseconds.

The Right Quantity

If you want to interact with other elements through the network (make a video call, play an online video game) it is important to have low latency, otherwise, problems can appear in the fluency and immediacy of the messages. However, to listen to music and watch streaming content, the important thing will be the speed of the connection, that is, the download speed.

Now that you know the difference between these concepts, to perform the speed test there are several websites where you can perform them, and all you have to do is click on the “start test ” button and the chosen page will begin to analyze the latency of your connection.

The Essential Connection

To obtain a better result of the test, it is advisable to do it connected to the Ethernet cable, use Chrome or Firefox browsers and close those programs that may vary your download speed.

On the other hand, latency can be reduced by connecting a single device to the network, since if there are several devices downloading information, the speed will decrease significantly. In addition, you have to check if there are several active applications on the same device.

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