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The Best Pigeon Product For Your Baby

Pigeon, as one of the well-known brands, has long provided various products that make life easier for mothers and their beloved children. In addition to the well-known powder or milk bottles, other Pigeon products such as powder for teenagers with sensitive skin to breast pads for breastfeeding mothers can also be featured. You can check in this link mother care malaysia.

Recommended good pigeon products

Starting from the needs of babies, teenagers, to mothers, here are some Pigeon products that you can choose to fulfill:

  • Pigeon Baby cologne

In the opinion of many, it is one of the most mouth watering aromas. You can give your baby Pigeon Baby Cologne after bathing him to give him that aroma. The fabric is gentle and suitable for a baby’s skin. Additionally enhanced with jojoba and chamomile components, this cologne feels cool and cozy against the skin. Additionally hypoallergenic, Pigeon Baby Cologne is a product. Thus, there is extremely little chance of skin allergies arising.

  • Silicone Pacifiers

A pacifier, sometimes known as a baby pacifier, is one of Pigeon’s signature items. Good baby pacifiers not only calm a fussy baby down, but they also help babies learn to chew and open and close their mouths, making them suitable for young children who are going to introduce solid foods. Since this pacifier is constructed of soft, safe silicone, kids between the ages of 0 and 5 can wear it with ease. Pacifier use will assist in the weaning process. Additionally including a lid, Pigeon Silicone Pacifiers can be kept clean while not in use.

  • Pigeon Bottle Milk

Pigeon feeding bottles can be a safe choice for babies because they are made from BPA-free materials and can be sterilized at high temperatures up to 110°C.  In fact, the image on the surface of the bottle is also made with food grade ink, so that if the baby drinks it himself and then accidentally puts it in his mouth, he will still be safe. The pacifier is slim in shape with a soft material, making it comfortable for the baby to suck on and not choke.

  • Pigeon Breast Pump Manual

Mothers occasionally are unable to breastfeed their children directly. In those circumstances, pumping breast milk for subsequent storage in a designated storage bag or container can be a solution. Mothers can express breast milk with the Pigeon Breast Pump Manual in comfort because the suction shape is adapted to the breast’s contour. A comfortable silicone cushion and a funnel are also included with the pump. This Pigeon product can be used to boost breast milk before you nurse your baby in addition to milking.

  • Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

Breast Pads for Pigeons In order to keep clothing and the breast area dry, honeycomb can coat the breast and assist absorb milk that frequently spills. This helps to avoid irritation or illness. The milk that comes out will be swiftly and evenly absorbed thanks to the honeycomb fiber that was specifically created for this purpose. The breast pad’s inner and outer surfaces will stay dry thanks to the leak-proof coating. You won’t feel any lumps when using this product due to how thin and light the coating is. Additionally, Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb include a special layer that may keep the skin dry and breathable.

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