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Social Media’s Influence On Advertising

The recent development of technology has changed how we consume media and replace traditional media. Although some companies are still using traditional media, most netizens prefer to use the internet to consume their daily dose of content. Since everyone has access to the internet thanks to mobile data, most netizens would use their smartphones to listen to their favorite podcasts on Youtube or Spotify. In order to maximize their profits, every company is investing into developing a website and advertising online to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Since netizens would spend most of their time browsing through social media and video streaming sites, advertising in these platforms will significantly increase the awareness of their products and services. Raid: Shadow Legends is a great example on how sponsoring popular Youtube channels help to raise the awareness of a game. However, it was advertised so often they receive a negative reputation instead as most viewers would find their advertisements obnoxious and annoying. Besides that, Youtube is infamous for having videos with multiple advertisements, especially on long videos. This would lead to users downloading adblock extensions in their web browser as every web browser provides a free installation to these extensions. Although most viewers understand that advertisements help their favorite channels to generate revenue, most viewers prefer to have a smooth, uninterrupted watching experience.

Because of the rise of the internet’s prominence for business, the demand for website developers malaysia is increasing as companies are looking for developers who can create their ideal websites. Alternatively, business companies can hire the help of digital marketing agencies who specialized in creating, designing and developing an online business. Having your own website developer can be different to hiring an agency as it is cost-effective and the developer has a better idea on their boss’ preferences. However, an agency has designers and marketers with years of experience working with other companies to design and develop business strategies. They could also provide advice as an outsider to help point out flaws and potential issues that their clients might not detect. 

Although traditional media is not as commonly used as before, some media like billboards and banners are still useful to advertise products for people who are driving to work and back home. Since everyone has access to the internet, netizens are able to have access to more news than before. And the best part, all of these news are accessible for free. This would lead to the decline of newspapers, but these newspaper companies adapt to these new changes by creating their own website that would provide more news than their physical counterparts. But, most newspaper companies would require their readers to pay a monthly subscription fee that is much cheaper than paying for newspapers everyday. 

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