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Skateboard Art

Skateboard Art

Just a sampling of a little of a skateboards my crony (and shortly to be family part of – albeit, we have regularly counted him as family) has. They have been his own pick up upon arrangement in his Fort Collins, Colorado Skateboard Market.

“Skateboarding is not a crime”

As an early 90ies skateboarder we demeanour with oddity to a today’s skateboarding scene…
Is there something superfluous of a aged heavy-metal, punk, DIY, “sk8 or die”, “skate as well as destroy”, “skateboarding is not a crime” ‘s attitude?!
I goal a answer is “Yes” ! i adore all of the skills and tiny little mistake that they made.

This shot is only an forgive to couple a little youTube videos… all extracted from a Santa Cruz Video “Streets upon Fire” a single of my clearest as well as elite memories of which period…
Ah… being a kid!!

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