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Sex Life and Marriage 

Sex, it’s not a topic that Malaysians are accustomed to. Being a Malaysian myself, I speak from experience when I say that I did NOT grow up with parents who were open to talking about sex. In fact, I was ignorant about anything to do with sex until I started reading storybooks. And let me tell you, fifty shades of grey is not the way you want to be introduced to sex. Albeit, it was an interesting book, no doubt about that. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea though. 

My point is, sex is an essential part of life and people should not be shy about it. It is part of our human nature to desire another and it’s completely normal. What is even more normal is that people who engage in sex sometimes find it a bore. Of course, this is where I come in. You may not know this but sometimes, the lack of a sex life could potentially be the cause of the wedge in your marriage. That’s right, you heard me. Your sex life affects your marriage. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, but spicing up your sex life has never done anyone harm. 

Here are some ways your sex life could potentially affect your marriage:

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Sex isn’t just about getting the deed done and then it’s over. You should think about it as a journey. And let me tell you, this journey has its own steps. Firstly, foreplay. I know that sometimes, as a married couple, you would have other obligations – work, chores, kids, etc., but sometimes you just have to sit back, relax and take your time when pleasuring your partner. And foreplay is one way to do it. You can even throw in some sex toys you bought the other day to help spice up the mood. 

Stress reliever

Another extremely vital factor that many tend to overlook is that sex is a stress reliever. This is because when you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work towards relaxing the human body, this, in turn, works as a stress reliever. And we all know that the main issue in any marriage is stress that causes frustration. So next time you feel like punching your partner in the face because of stress, try using sex instead. It’s a much less painful and bloodier method and even leaves you satisfied in the end. 


As weird as this sounds, sex is a form of communication, just not using words. It’s a form of communicating through your body movements together. Some say that sex is an art form, and I have to agree. Not only does it bring you closer to your partner, but it also releases the stress that could be the block that is stopping you from being honest with your partner. People, pillow talk is no joke, it can seriously be the tool needed by you to avoid that heartbreaking divorce. Try it sometimes! 

So fear not, the next time you’re looking to spice up your marriage, check out sex toy vibrators from Secret Cherry Malaysia

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