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Knowing the World’s Best Architecture Companies

As the population of humans continues to increase rapidly throughout the world, many architecture and construction companies are making buildings to accommodate the rapid increase of citizens in their country. This led to the increasing amount of high rise buildings that we see outside of our windows with the current trend of being built on top of shopping lots or malls to decrease deforestation that is occurring throughout the world. However, some architecture companies have brought upon themselves to create some of the most innovative, unique and futuristic designs that makes us feel a bit closer to the future that we all imagine how it will look like, probably. With so many architecture companies in the world, which company ranks itself at the highest among its competitors?

According to BDC Network,Gensler San Francisco is the arkitek firm terbaik in the world and they have major companies like LinkedIn, NVIDIA, Instagram and Facebook as their clients to design their offices. Founded in 1965 by M. Arthur Gensler Jr. in San Francisco, Gensler has years of experience with interior designs and has young designers to create new, inspiring and innovative designs for both interior and exterior designs while catching up with recent trends among the youngsters. With so many years of experience and projects under their belt, Gensler offers their services to almost any kind of buildings, making them one of the most desired companies for designing almost anything. 

On second place, Perkins+Will is an architecture company that is dated way back in 1935 led by Charles WIlliam “Bill” Brubaker who had carried the company on his back to what it is today. He was responsible for designing the first National Bank in Chicago which remains as one of the most iconic skyscrapers today. Some of his drafts were even hanged in Perkins+Will Chicago office to remind them of how innovative and designs are even by today’s standards. They have designed for multiple colleges, universities and hospitals and one of their major projects was designing for Suzhou Science and Technology Museum in Suzhou, China. 

Finally on third place is HKS Inc established even further back than its first two competitors which is in 1939 by Harwood K. Smith. HKS, not to be mistaken for the Japanese public trading company, HKS has worked on multiple projects such as Jinjiang International Exhibition Center in China, Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness at La Cantera Resort in USA and the Mosaic Stadium from Canada with these projects becoming some of the most well-known constructions in the country or even in the world.

Although these companies do not have an office in Malaysia, we have our own architecture companies like Eco World, Gamuda and Norm Designhaus to be proud of for the various designs that we see in our everyday lives with their own unique take on designing interiors and exteriors. In the future, we may see houses larger than what we see today with flying and futuristic vehicles becoming more common and accessible for everyone.\

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