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How Your Skin Is A Reflection Of Your Internal Health

Most people tend to evade the facts. Most of them are the most obvious facts like the ones that are right on our faces. Literally. Our skin tells us more than we think. It tells us when we are dehydrated. It also tells us when we are stressed in the form of big old pimples. It tells us when to stop sunbathing or having parties under the sun. It tells us when we need to cut off our alcohol and double on water and vitamin C. So it is not surprising to see that it can also be a good indicator of what’s happening to our body.

Different problems in our bodies can show different signs. Our spots and the treatment we have for each and everyone can suggest a deeper issue than just another skin issue. It can indicate a problem in our kidneys, in our blood, or even in our liver. While we cannot diagnose a fatty liver and the need for medicine for fatty liver Malaysia or remedy for hepatitis Malaysia just by looking at our skin, we can see if our skin issues do indicate something about our health.

Excessive Dry Skin 

Excessive dry skin is never something we are proud of. Some of us are suffering from it despite our eight glasses or one liter of water every day. The exercise and the creams do not seem to help the excessively dry skin condition. The buildup of dry skin can even lead to conditions such as eczema. Eczema is common among many, and it is a cause for a loss of self-esteem and confidence among many as well. 

Eczema and other dry skin conditions have been commonly believed to be a related issue to genetics or just related to our hydration level. But sometimes it goes deeper than that. Sometimes it is a symptom of an existing internal condition. This condition may even be related to our liver. Some research suggests that people with liver diseases tend to show symptoms such as inflammatory skin diseases like eczema, other forms of skin rashes, spots, and a lot of itching. 

Breakouts On Your Face

We know that there are so many different types of acne breakouts. Many suffer from the occasional pimples, while others suffer from congested acne on the forehead and others with cystic acne surrounding their jawline. Depending on the area of break out, and its persistence, it could indicate an internal issue.

Many with reproductive health issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome suffer from breaks out all over their face, backs, and necks. They are prominently seen with consistent breakouts around their jawline and chin as a result of changes and fluctuations in their hormones. 

Abnormal Spots 

Not all issues and spots and bumps happen on our faces. Some of them happen on the skin under our knee or elbow or literally any part of the skin. Sometimes we may find a spot that may be meaningless. And on some other occasions, these spots can have a meaning. If you have a mole that is evolving, or you have an asymmetrical patch that seems like a birthmark, or you have a bulged-up spot or a colored patch, this can be indications of melanoma or some other form of skin cancer. 

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