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How You Can Do Basic Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the demand jobs currently and mostly expected in 5 to 10 years. Many parents are advising their kids to pursue their studies based on these demands because the economy for all countries is really bad currently. Digital marketing is not something hard for basic understanding. Digital is basically anything that you can find online or on-screen, while marketing is basically a way of selling something. When you combine both of the words you are basically trying to sell something online. Digital marketing is not using only one platform but many such as newsletter, social media, website, and other platforms as well. 

digital marketing

Let’s start off with the first one which is the newsletter. The newsletter is not really new to users nowadays, it started off really early since the beginning of emails and digital marketing. Back then, only established business owners would do digital marketing with the newsletter because it will hardly seem like spam. People nowadays do not entertain newsletters on emails so much because it is quite slow and people use emails for work and business purposes. 

Meanwhile, social media digital marketing is one of the top digital marketing these days. Business owners, celebrities, influencers, and even users are doing their own digital marketing on social media, without the help of anyone or hiring anyone. Digital marketing on social media is much easier because Instagram allows users to be more comfortable and outgoing with their followers rather than being formal and careful, all the captions can be personalized and be more inviting to the followers and customers. Other than normal posting on Instagram, it also has the feature of posting daily stories. To maintain the engagement with followers, so our graph on engagement does not decrease, because when there is no engagement, meaning we are losing our customers as well, you can find KL best social media and marketing in Malaysia

Lastly would be website digital marketing. Digital marketing on a website is a bit complex but not hard. It is basically to help the website search engine optimization, so users could see the website on the first page of Google. It does require a lot of help from people and you are required to be creative and think outside of the box because honestly, the competition for websites on Google is quite high compared to other ways of doing digital marketing. 

To conclude, we are surrounded by many advancements in technologies and changes, and we continue adapting to changes ever since. Although the changes in digital marketing from the traditional ways are a bit sad, seeing publishing companies no longer have printings to do because everyone has started reading through online books and magazines, but I feel like this change is necessary in order to be at the same level as successful countries. Nonetheless, digital marketing is best to do and learn, but if you feel like maybe this is not your cup of tea, you can always have it as your additional skills or knowledge. 

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