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How to Bet in an Online Casino Responsibly

No matter how smitten you are in gambling is, you should not think this as something commendable. Yes, at all times, gambling is not good and this article is not developed just so one will feel that it is okay to gamble. Nope, that is never the case. Instead, this article is a kind of help to those who can’t stop from betting in an online casino Singapore. You see, in casino houses, the odds will always be against the players. Whether you are playing in conventional casino houses or in the digital world, you have to prefer to lose most of the time. After all, casino owners are opening their facilities for business and not for charity works. 

However, it does not mean that you will never have the chance of winning against the house. Of course you will still do as your winnings will not make a casino house bankrupt considering there are so many players. Besides, casino will not cheat of course. It is just that the odds of their games are more inclined for a player to loose. 

When one is already losing his game, it is usual for him to go on betting, assuming that he might recover his losses in time. However, that is not advisable as there is a good chance, your losses will just pile up and you might even end up broke. So, how can you gamble responsibly? Here are some tips:

Allocate a certain amount for you to use

Even if you have the time and the funds to gamble every day, still you should allocate a certain amount for this vice of yours. You don’t want to suddenly find out that you don’t even have money left for gas or for foods! The bottom line is you should stick on your monthly allowance. This is also a way to practice discipline and avoid wars at home. After all, the other party can be quite a nuisance if they don’t share your choice of entertainment. 

The allotted money for gambling should be separated

If you are the head of the family, your wife should be the one to keep the rest of the money for other things. Never bring with you more than what you decide to use in your gambling spree.  This will only endanger your budget as sometimes, we have this inkling that if we bet one more time, we will recover our losses or maybe, the time has not come for you to win yet, and you should just hang in there. 

Your choice of gambling venue

There are also times when your gambling venue is causing you to spend more like for the gas or for drinks and so on. Like for example when it comes to casinos, you can just do the gambling online. You can already find a lot of online casino in Malaysia that are quite commendable. They offer the same types of games in the conventional ones. This way, you don’t need to spend on gas, some drinks and other usual expenses that comes with gambling in real casinos. At the same time, you won’t be time restricted as there is no need to stop your game abruptly fearing that your wife might kill you if you don’t walk through the door at her designated curfew. 

Commute strategically

If there are times when you want to see your usual gambling buddies and thus you will decide to check the casinos in your area where you use to frequent, you can strategize in going there so you won’t have to spend much. You can carpool with your friends so you will share with the gas. You are not only saving money, it is also fun in a way. Note that even if you are stopping because of an annoying traffic, the time is still ticking for your gas. 

Know when to stop

Even if you have a lot of money, you surely don’t want to just throw them away as after all, I am pretty sure, you also work hard for them. That said, you should set your stop-loss limits. This means that if you already loss a good amount of money on a certain kind of game, you can either call it a day or change the game. That is if your gambling allowance for the day is still active. Sticking on something you keep losing money with is just very stupid. 

Stop even when you are winning

If you are continually winning, you can also set a time for you to stop. Know that sometimes, luck won’t stay long. There are even times when you just win for a number of minutes and you start losing again. So when you are winning, it is best to pull the money out or if you trust yourself, you can just go on, but it should be in the same pace. In fact, one of the perks when playing in casinos is no one will get mad if you right away stop after a big win. This way, you can be sure that you will bring some money home. Note that it is not that easy to win in casinos because as what is mentioned above, the odds are usually against the players. So, while you still beat them, you should be wise and take the money home!

A low win to beat ratio game

The good thing with casinos is you have a lot of options when it comes to their offered games. If you are playing online, there are about 300 games to check. However, most of them have a how house edge though this is not the same all the time. There are games with really lower house edge. You should stay away from them. in fact, you can look for a game with a low win to bet ratio as it means, you have better chances to win. You can ask some friends who are frequently playing in online casinos. 


If you are consequently losing, maybe you need to rest for a while. You say, even if you are a pro in your choice of game, there are really times when luck is outright ignoring you. It seems that every time you draw your cards, the others are always better. You should step back at times like this or might as well hand your money to your opponents. 

Wear a watch

Sometimes, because you are too focused on the game, you forget the time. So, you will always be reminded of your time limit, you should wear a watch. In fact, it would be better if the watch is digital so you can have a glimpse of it from time to time. This should help you to play responsibly. 

Considering the fact that gambling is never good, if you don’t have the strength to avoid this vice of yours, you should at least do it responsibly. Don’t jeopardize the funds meant for your family as they might end up suffering because of you. With an online casino, you can minimize your expenses and can even just bet at home. 

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