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Having Sex Well With A Condom

Have the right size, choose the moment to put on the condom, adopt the right positions to make love, or even do it in the water, compensate for the lack of sensations. This is all about sex and the condom!

Both contraceptive and means of protection against STIs (sexually transmitted infections), the condom is also practical and inexpensive. So there are a lot of good reasons to make him your best mate. Here are some tips to tame it.

Have the right condom size

How many scenes in the roadstead of a condom, where you have to go down in the middle of the night to look for a distributor in front of a pharmacy, or to knock on the door of your friend next door to find out if he has any? And when, by a miracle, you can find it, how often do you find yourself with a size too small? What about the condoms collected free of charge at the Techno Parade that were left to expire in a wallet? How much time wasted? Unnecessary risk-taking? Of stampedes precisely?

Optimizing the logistics aspect

Since the condom should arrive on time, neither too early nor too late, it is in your best interest to prepare it beforehand. You can open it and leave it handy so that it will be easier for you when you want to put it on. It will also prevent you from looking for one everywhere when you are all excited.

Quickly but quietly put on the hood

In my opinion, this is one of the capital points for having good sex with a condom. Indeed, nothing more destabilizing than taking a long time to find your little piece of latex, open it and then put it on. Do it slowly but surely, and you will see that it can rhyme with quickly done well.

Choose the right positions

An improved anvil type missionary or doggy style is very suitable with a condom because these positions promote a good angle of penetration and strong sensations with the best sex toys Malaysia. The spoon less.

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