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Concrete retardants (glucose syrup malaysia)

Concrete retardants are used when it is required to reduce the rate of hardening of the composition. Typically, these components are used when working with heavy concrete, as well as when long-term transport of the mixture to the site is expected. Additives of this type change the chemical processes taking place inside the solution volume. Due to this, the mobility of the mixture increases, and its setting slows down.

Modifiers of this kind are best used in the following cases:

When it is necessary to prepare a high-quality composition without increasing the proportion of cement. Professional manufacturers and even many non-specialists know that the larger the volume of the binder in the mixture, the faster it hardens. This complicates the pouring process, if it goes even with small temporary interruptions – the concrete hardens very soon. And if the work takes place in winter, then the required strength of the artificial stone may not work.

When concrete slurry is transported to a distant object. Of course, the capabilities of a concrete mixer truck for protecting concrete from premature hardening are rather big, but if the ABS gets into a traffic jam, and its maneuverability is very weak, the quality of the mixture will significantly decrease. The introduction of supplements avoids this and other problems, but it is also not worth to abuse travel time. When concrete is not allowed to harden for too long, it begins to “weld”, which also complicates its operation.

When filling a large area. And the fewer cold seams there are on its surface, the stronger the structure will be. Concrete retarders glucose syrup Malaysia allow for a large and consistent structure, even with multi-stage casting.

What is the principle of action of concrete retarders? 

It’s simple: the retarder provides a decrease in the rate of the hydration process, in connection with which the time of “sticking” of the aggregate due to the interaction of water and cement is delayed for the period planned by the manufacturer, hydrolysis of clinker minerals is inhibited. As a result, the start of the strength gain of the product is postponed for several hours, which makes it possible to deliver the non-thickened solution to the object and carry out its laying in accordance with the regulations. For more articles like this one, click here.

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