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Mobile Data vs WiFi: Which is better?

Difference between WiFi and Mobile data

“Wireless fidelity” is abbreviated as Wi-Fi. Although it sounds fancy, it’s actually a play on the old term “Hi-Fi,” which referred to the sound quality of stereo systems. It has nothing to do with …

Republic SEO KL
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This article mainly presents the top THREE industries that benefit from SEO services. Before revealing these TOP 3 industries, I have to introduce SEO and its importance in the internet industry. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is …

automation backup software
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Advantages of automation backup software

What is an automation backup?

An automation backup refers to a kind of backup model that will help the storage of data from the local system. The automated backup will run in the background with zero to little supervision in …

bite-proof cups for babies Malaysia
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Checklists of must-have baby things

In order for a baby to grow happily and healthily, they need all the essential things and a suitable environment. Why is it compulsory to keep all those things and why is it important? You will find out in this …

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