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Buy Fragrance Free Baby Wipes in Malaysia

The skin of a baby, while having completed its maturation cycle, is still an incredibly sensitive organ. The skin is prone to breakouts the second it comes into contact with something that the baby’s skin even mildly disagrees with. As a result of this, babies are very prone to diaper rashes. In order to combat this, many physicians and pediatricians recommend cleaning the diapered skin of a baby right after a bowel movement using water. However, fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia tend to have a better effect when it comes to cleaning a baby’s bottom and are also very useful in preventing diaper rashes from forming. 

buy fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia

Buy fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia from Mamacliqs because these wipes have a number of benefits, 

  1. Gentle Cleanser

Infants have an underdeveloped skin barrier, thus they are more prone to irritation when exposed to irritants in the form of urine and feces. Both fat- and water-soluble components can be found in infant faeces. Water-only cleansing methods may not be effective in removing fat-soluble faecal matter. Skin barrier damage can be caused by even tiny levels of faecal proteases. Because baby skin is thinner, fecal-derived proteases are likely to cause more skin damage, emphasizing the significance of completely washing the skin of faeces. Surfactants emulsify and trap the fatty element of faeces in droplets, allowing it to be properly eliminated. To fulfill this crucial purpose, practically all modern baby wipes contain modest quantities of mild surfactants.

  1. Appropriately Preserved

Because newborn skin lacks all of the required defenses to guard against viruses at birth, it is critical to keep contaminants away from the skin. Because microbial growth is aided by moisture, baby wipes are susceptible to microbial growth. As a result, baby wipes should include an approved preservation method to ensure that the product is fresh both before and after usage.

buy fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia
  1. Acidic pH

The pH of an infant’s skin becomes slightly acidic within a few days of birth. The acidification process is essential for skin barrier development, pathogen protection, and inhibiting the activity of digestive enzymes in faeces that break down skin. At neutral to basic pH, faecal enzymes are most active. Tap water has been reported to have a pH of 8.5, while distilled water has a pH of 6.5 to 7.0, which does not match the acidic nature of skin and is not optimal for faecal enzyme activity. Most baby wipes, on the other hand, have a slightly acidic pH to maintain healthy infant skin.

  1. Emollient

To avoid mechanical harm to infant skin, it is vital to apply as minimal friction to the skin as possible when wiping it. This is especially true for premature babies, whose skin lacks structural support due to a lack of dermis development. Emollients have been found to reduce the coefficient of friction between skin and a substrate in an aqueous solution, therefore they’re added to some baby wipes to give them more glide than just water.

  1. Alcohol Free

Most current baby wipes are alcohol-free, which means they won’t bother the baby’s skin. It’s vital to emphasize that only specific forms of alcohol, such as ethyl alcohol, are harmful to the skin.

buy fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia
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