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Anime Stores In Big Cities Of Malaysia


Malaysia is a very big country and therefore this country has so many remarkable and big cities. Every city of the country is famous because of its distinguishing characteristics. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of the country. A capital thing always possesses capital and towering things. Kuala Lumpur also has everything that a big and influential city should have.

Anime stores are very important for every country because of the population of kids. Therefore, every big city of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur has anime stores in Malaysia.

Comic sun

If you want to visit the best anime shop in malaysia, then comic sun is the best anime store in the country. First of all, they have cosplay costumes. Second, they sell compressed air guns that fire those little bullets that hurt a lot. Third, they have those anime trinkets you hardly find in hobby stores. Plus, they have a HUGE collection of anime and manga on their shelves. They have it all, English subtitles, English dub or foreign language anime dub. It also sells anime figurines and miniatures. All at an affordable price. If any of you are attending cosplay events or want to occupy your time with something, stop by and embrace Japanese anime and manga culture. If you love anime or like to imagine yourself as a sexy yet consistently sober superhero wielding the power to melt a person in minutes, this is the place to go. Although Sun Comic is not quite where it was (the crowd was huge then), it still retains some of its charm from its glory days, partly because it refused to change its business tactics by targeting virgins and math geeks. You can find a myriad of comics there, and with little or no restrictions on what human it should be, this place is a safe haven for those who are eager to kill someone with a plastic gun but don’t. I don’t have the costume to do it.

Despite all of this, this place is still a meh to me, but if you really have nowhere else to find your sexy blue skirt, this will be one of your many options to get it.

Jannie and Joe Toys

Malaysia has wonderful anime merchandise stores, Jannie and Joe toys is one of them. A good shop provides everything which is related to its products. Apart from availability, the price and standard of the products should be decent. Jannie and Joe toy shop is a very great store in Malaysia. This has everything for the customers. When a customer enters into this shop he feels very satisfied and happy with his decision of coming to this shop. This is a very big shop of toy and anime merchandise in Malaysia.

XL tent

Malaysia has standardized anime stores and they provide a good variety of anime merchandise. XL tent is also one of the best anime merchandise stores in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia then you must check out to buy the best anime merchandise.

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